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Coala Heart Monitor Response

Coala Life is ready to support remote management of high-risk cardiovascular patients

In response to COVID-19 and its impact on patient care, Coala Life stands ready to scale-up operations in an effort to enable a continuum of care; addressing individuals with cardiovascular disease who are among the highest risk groups of adverse outcomes from COVID-19.

Enabling home-based cardiac monitoring

The Coala Heart Monitor service enables real-time remote cardiac monitoring, without needs of physically meeting the patient and exposing parties to unnecessary risks. With an integrated ECG and stethoscope, the Coala Heart Monitor can effectively be provided directly to patients in need at home. This enables physicians to interpret recordings remotely and ultimately initiate appropriate treatment plans.

A commitment to hearts

Coala Life is committed to help maintain normal levels of healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak. Services provided have the ability to eliminate physical patient visits, immediately adding virtual capacity to strained healthcare systems.

Validated process and logistics already in place

Coala Life has the ability to manage the entire logistics operation for healthcare providers, ensuring that resources are not impacted negatively. The Coala Heart Monitoring service has been provided and used by thousands of patients in Scandinavia and will now also be available to US prescribing physicians.

For more information, contact our Home-enrollment response team on 888-579-4441 or email

Download the information leaflet of Coala Life’s Home-enrollment Solution hereFind out more about Coala Home Enrollment.


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