Episode 6 | May-Thurner or Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome

Location: Dallas, Texas
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THI Education Series Innovative Technologies & Techniques (Episode 6) In this episode, Zvonimir Krajcer, MD and Briana Costello, MD discuss May-Thurner or Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome. The Texas Heart Institute (THI) is recognized internationally for research programs in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, regenerative medicine, and endovascular interventions. Our physicians, surgeons, and scientists conduct research ranging from gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and minimally invasive surgical procedures to ventricular assist devices and artificial hearts. THI provides a collection of online activities to further the education of physicians and other medical professionals beyond the walls of the institution on the most relevant topics in cardiovascular health and patient care. The Institute’s educational activities include postdoctoral and allied training programs, seminars, symposia, grand rounds, scientific publications, and public education outreach. (Texasheart.org) The video and its contents are for educational purposes only.  The views and remarks represent those of the individual physicians and not those of Texas Heart Institute. The information presented is based on the physician's observations and experiences in the evaluation of any product.  Physicians should make their own informed evaluation.   Educational content published by the Texas Heart Institute does not provide specific medical advice; rather, these resources provide users with information to better understand their health and their diagnosed disorders. Texas Heart Institute urges individuals to visit a qualified doctor for diagnosis and for specific medical advice.

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